Accelerate the relocation project the railway station and the urban redevelopment capital of 15,400 billion VND Danang

Day 11-2, Chairman Huynh Duc Da Nang and Can Tho vice president chaired the meeting heard the departments, industry research reports project feasibility Relocation railway station and urban redevelopment Danang market by international consultant of the World Bank (WB) performed.
Nhà ga mới Đà Nẵng
Model perspective new houses Danang railway station.

    The main objective of the project is the relocation of the railway station to the area west of the city to eliminate the conflict between the railway and urban transport, reduce traffic congestion in the downtown area, minimizing cell environmental contamination.
Planning and construction of a modern new terminal, with good access to various types of high-density traffic and convenient connections with the city center area.
Urban redevelopment of existing terminal area and the existing rail corridors to ensure the sustainable development of transport and urban architecture, while creating potential for financing the project.
Create prerequisites for the development of Lien Chieu port, convenient connections between Lien Chieu port and the national railway system; combined with the highway project in Da Nang - Quang Ngai, the project expanded to Hai Van Pass Tunnel motivation to develop the area west and northwest of the city.

Relocation Project Da Nang railway station includes new construction and renovation 18,21km rail old railway 7 km; new terminal building in Hoa Minh hotel with an area of ​​43.1 hectares; construction of a new cargo terminal Kim Lien 80.1 ha area; Le Trach upgrade terminal with an area of ​​9.6 ha; construction of a railway bridge crossing the Cu and 5 road bridge over the railway ... with total investment estimated at about 5,764 billion.
Project Urban Redevelopment Danang include urban development plans integrated, modern area around the new railway station; planning redevelopment of urban areas the current state of the railway station in the city center; redevelopment of public transport corridors green on the old rail corridor; construction of arterial traffic routes along the new railway line ... with a total estimated investment of about 9677 billion.

Phối cảnh mô hình nhà ga mới Đà Nẵng
Perspective of the new terminal area.

    The same day, Chairman Huynh Duc Tho City and City Vice Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Tuan and departments, industry and worked with the delegation of the World Bank (WB) and the Development Bank Asia (ADB) related to the project relocation railway station and urban Redevelopment Danang.
    At the meeting, representatives of the World Bank and ADB presented the research content of interest on the project; expressed support and appreciation brings efficiency projects, as well as agree on plans for preparation of investment research for the project. Model urban perspective in the current railway station.
Mô hình phối cảnh đô thị tại nhà ga đường sắt hiện tại
Model urban perspective in the current railway station.

  Chairman Huynh Duc Tho city welcomed the research interests of the World Bank and the ADB project, affirmed that this project is feasible and economic efficiency - high society, have a crucial role ends development of Da Nang in the future in general and the area west and northwest in particular.
    City leaders expressed their strong commitment to work with the central level to accelerate the implementation of the project, while requesting the World Bank and ADB support interested cities to further accelerate the related work, shorten the time to study and prepare for project investment.


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