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Jig Head style: -- Please Choose an Option -- Grass Jig Snootie Jig Poison Tail Jig Head Shad Head / wire keeper Bullet Head jig haed Flat Grub / Eyes size. 10.04.2017 · Soon after I received the Poison Swingtail mold I cast a batch and they came out beautifully, as Do-it molded jigs do. I had purchased this with the idea of skirting it, of course, and using a double tail trailer to make a reasonable facsimile of the GYCB Hula Grub which has served me well for more than 20 years.

31.07.2012 · disagree with some statements here. The poison tail jig is actually the least stable jig in terms of resting on the bottom. For example, put the jig head, lets say a 1/4 oz jig head with either a 3/0 or 4/0 hook in water in the sink or tub and it will flip over on its side. 24.12.2018 · Im just getting started pouring my own jigs. I have always liked the poison tail head and thought it would be great for use in both jig and swim jig applications. After a pretty thorough search online I have noticed people asking about what hooks will work with this mold. The Mold was made to. 28.10.2018 · Ok I have just started use the smaller posion tail jig mold mostly the 1/4 ounce Ive searched and searched and Ive found a lot of good information but 98% of it dosent help me at all as most of it is about the larger mold that makes the 1/2 ounce up to 1 ounce jigs so my question is can I use a 4.

26.08.2013 · I don't own the mold. I know a guy who pours the poison like you describe. No weedguard, wide gap hook that looks strong. He finishes well with nice paint job and molded eyes. I like his jig heads better than my own because of wider gap hook. I'm using a bullet nose jig with a 413 hook. We use the same tails and I like his jig's profile better. 20.03.2015 · The poison tail is the king of versatility, what make it good isn't only the 28 and 30 degree hooks it uses but the head shape, it is more of a rocker head as the bottom has a rocking chair type curve so it is at home as a bottom probing jig but is set up more like a swim jig. I like more of a cone shape for my swim jigs but if I'm fishing an.

A - Rig Jig Heads 5 pack - M.T. POCKETS.

Do-It Poison Swingtail Jig Mold. Rating Required Name Email. Do-It Poison Tail Weedless Jig Molds. Quick view Choose Options. Do-It Molds. STW130 Wire Form. Quick view Choose Options. Do-It Molds. STW155 Wire Form. Quick view Choose Options. Do-It Molds. Do-It Herring Head Jig Molds. Quick view Choose Options. Do-It Molds. Do-It Swimbait Head Jig Mold. Quick view Choose Options. Do-It. Poison Tail Molds feature a wide protrusion of the head with a flat bottom for optimal stability and balance. Order DO-IT jig molds from Lure Parts Online. Poison Tail Jig Sz: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 Hk: 91768 Collar: Disc & Holder- Like the venomous scorpion, this highly evolved jig sits poised to deliver a toxic strike at its prey. The wide protrusion of the head with a flat bottom provides extreme stabilit. These flashy jigs perfectly imitate a glass minnow, favorite forage for Spanish Mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish and just about any other nearshore predators.

17.01.2015 · Here are some jigs from my modified poison tail mold. I was picturing a screw lock like a shakey head. But that makes perfect since. I have been looking at that mold for a while. Do you think it will be a good mold for a new pourer like myself or should I start off with something like an arkey. I really like that poison tail. I always wondered if you had to use the EWG hood or if you could. Click the button below to add the Poison Tail Weedless Jig Head 5 pack to your wish list. Related Products. Horse Head Jig 5 pack $3.75. ultra minnow jig head 5 pack $2.75. PoisonTail Swing tail Jig 10 pack jig only NO HOOK $3.50. Poison Tail Screw Lock Jig 5 pack $3.75. A - Rig Jig Heads 5 pack $3.50. You Recently Viewed. Poison Tail Weedless Jig Head 5 pack $3.75. The Poison Tail Pro jighead is a premium jighead made with a Mustad Ultra Point black nickel extra wide gap hook, oven-cured powder paint, and holographic eyes. The Pro version features a special wire Bait Keeper that allows plastic trailers to be rigged "Texas" style on the jighead for a weedless jig without a weedguard. The nose of the.

Weedless Snootie jig head; Buck Tail Jigheads; Butter Bean Flat Head DINER SHINER; football jigheads; herring head underspin; Horse Head jigs; Hot Lips Jighead; live bait jig; mid west finess jig; Poison tail swing jig; Poison Tail Screw Lock Jig; Poison Tail Weedless Jig Molds; Round Head jig Screw Lock round head with wire keeper. Jig Heads: Poison Tail All aboutand Table Rock Tackle I am Michael Theurer and live in Kimberling City Missouri on the shores of Table Rock Lake.

Swim Jig Head Pea Jigs Wacky Head Jigs Shakey Heads Ned Rigs Funky Rig Weighted Hooks Drop Shot Weights Bait Sets Replacement Skirts Monthly Mystery Tackle Poison Swing Tail Jig. Black and Blue Poison Tail Swing Jig $2.75 $2.75 Green Grunt Poison Tail Swing Jig $3.00 $3.00 Green Pumpkin Blue Tipped Poison Tail Swing Jig $3.00 $3.00. For those who enjoy presenting unique baits and the act of creating their own personal Jig designs, take a look a the Do-It Jig Molds. Do-It is a leader in the tackle craft industry and has been manufacturing and providing molds and various lure making equipment for over 40 years. Butter Bean Flat Head DINER SHINER; football jigheads; herring head underspin; Horse Head jigs; Hot Lips Jighead; live bait jig; mid west finess jig; Poison tail swing jig; Poison Tail Screw Lock Jig; Poison Tail Weedless Jig Molds; Round Head jig Screw Lock round head with wire keeper; Screw Lock Jig Heads; Shad Jigheads; shad head with.

Poison Tail Jig - Tacklemaking - Bass Fishing.

We offer a wide variety of custom hand poured soft plastic baits in unlimited color combinations. We also hand pour weights and weighted hooks to accompany any fishing style. Jig Hook Chart. The plain jigheads are unpainted and feature bronze hooks in most cases. These jigheads are cost-effective to use in fishing situations where painted jigheads are not needed. Two examples are: tube jigheads where the jighead is inside the tube or when fishing snaggy water where an angler can go through a lot of jigheads. Some. Welcome to SWING OIL BAITS. We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store. If there is a bait or a color that you would like but don't see feel free to ask. Chances are we can. 27.06.2019 · From experience with larger jig heads, poison tail jig heads poured on a 30 deg hook release much easier from the rocks than 90 deg round heads of the same weight. I'm wandering off this is true with small jigs also? Sent from my SM-J337R7 usingFishing mobile app.

30.04.2018 · I gave in and bought a used Poison tail Jig head mold last night. It goes to 1 oz. I dont need anymore flipping jigs, swim jigs or vibrating jigs. I kind of bought this to tinker with thinking maybe I could transform it into a swimbait head mold? like for throwing 5 to 7 inch swimbaits, I ordered. Find great deals on eBay for poison tail jig and poison tail jig mold. Shop with confidence.

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