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ATFL avulsion fracture from talus is a rare type of injury following common lateral ankle sprains. • This pattern of injury is usually missed or mixed with fibular avulsion fractures due to the difficulty of detection on standard ankle radiographs. Avulsion fractures are more common in children than in adults. In adults, the ligaments and tendons tend to be injured first, whereas in children the bone may fail before the ligament or tendon is injured. Children have a particularly weak point in their skeleton, called the growth plate. This is the area of bone that is actively growing. Avulsion fracture was diagnosed in 44 26% of the 169 patients and was most common among children and patients over 40 years of age. Sedentary level activity and low-energy injury were more common in the avulsion fracture group than in the ligament rupture group 77% vs 37%, respectively, P =.001; 68% vs 43%, respectively, P =.004. The ATFL runs from the lateral malleolus anteriorly to the lateral border of the talus. It has a transverse orientation and is best seen on axial images. This is the most commonly injured ligament of the ankle and it is also the first to be injured on the lateral side.

Ankle Avulsion Fracture Ankle 1 Fracture Care Team: Shared Care Plan Eastbourne - 01323 414928 Conquest - 01424 757576 Email - esht.vfc@ This information leaflet follows up your recent telephone conversation with the Fracture Care Team explaining the ongoing management of your injury. Your case has been reviewed by an. avulsion fragment could not be seen on the standard internal oblique view a, but was clearly visible on the ATFL view b. After six weeks in a cast, there is evidence of union on the ATFL view c. view, the ATFL fragment was superimposed on the talus. On ankle mortise views, both the ATFL fragment Fig. Mild tenderness and swelling. Moderate or no functional loss i.E., patient is capable of bear weight and ambulate. Deltoid ligament injuries radsource. Discern 2 the proton densityweighted fatsuppressed coronal picture of the ankle a demonstrates partial avulsion. Brostrom et al. evaluated 205 injuries to the ATFL with arthrography and detected 28 14% ATFL avulsion fractures. Haraguchi et al. described new radiographic projections to demonstrate the avulsion fracture of ATFL and prospectively evaluated 169 ankle sprains and detected 44 26% ATFL avulsion fractures from the lateral malleolus. In medicine, an avulsion is an injury in which a body structure is torn off by either trauma or surgery from the Latin avellere, meaning "to tear off". The term most commonly refers to a surface trauma where all layers of the skin have been torn away, exposing the underlying structures i.e., subcutaneous tissue, muscle, tendons, or bone.

time for proper braking response time driving returns to baseline at nine weeks for operatively treated ankle fractures; braking travel time is significantly increased until 6 weeks after initiation of weight bearing in both long bone and periarticular fractures of the lower extremity; Isolated Medial Malleolus Fracture: Nonoperative. Avulsion der Spina liliaca anterior inferior oder superior. Eine Avulsionsfraktur der Spinae entsteht durch maximalen Muskelzug der Flexoren im Hüftgelenk beim Sport. Man findet sie auf dem Röntgenbild nur, wenn man sie kennt und nach ihr sucht. Die Therapie ist fast immer konservativ mit Stockentlastung im schmerzhaften Intervall möglich.

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